Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have Gun, Will Play - Publish This Weekend?

I'm still recouperating from the trip, and a number of things have come up to make me want to adjust my plans. I want to thank everybody who visited my entry in the Bad Boy Blogfest. I promise I will be visiting the other entries soon.

But right now, the cover is done. The manuscript prep has a little more work yet. I think I'll be publishing Have Gun, Will Play on Thursday, but it will probably take both Amazon and Smashwords a day or so to get it on line. So probably Saturday?

And that means I won't get to Test of Freedom until Friday at least, when I will revisit how I want to approach it. I think I want to do it in two sessions. In July I want to just do mad exploratory writing to get a bunch of new material to work with. Then in August I will sit down to do a serious final draft.

In the meantime I had to end my Summer Book Sale early and raise my book prices back to list price on Smashwords tonight - because there is a lag with their partners, and the Amazon contract states that you can't have a lower price anywhere else. So the books are still on sale for 99 cents at Amazon for a while, but will be 2.99 everywhere else. I will probably do one more coupon promotion before August though.

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