Monday, June 28, 2010

Writing Dash Day 4 - 1249 Words and Success!

Okay this is just silly author stuff, but....

Have Gun, Will Play has its first review on Good Reads! And The Adventure of Anna the Great had its first review on Amazon! (And another reader on the Kindle discussion area of Amazon sought me out to ask if there would be a sequel to Have Gun.) For a day with no sales, it was still a pretty darn good day.

In the meantime I am working on the sequel. I can't take full credit for all those words, because I am working from old material. However what I'm working form was intended to be a long short story, and I think it might be better as a novella. At the moment it's fun, but it's missing a layer. Having just done a last read-through on Have Gun Will Play, I think I know what it's missing. Pathos. For all the silliness, there is a certain depth to Mick and Casey. They are gunmen, after all, hired to kill if necessary.

While I think the more trivial aspect works in a short story, it needs more depth to live up to the novel. So that's the big job of this next couple of weeks. And I may need to look at the other stories in the collection and see if maybe there is an arc among them. Something they are looking for and developing between them, and between them and the world.

Running Total: 2044 Words.

2044 / 24000 words. 9% done!

In Today's Pages: We learn a little about Casey's past

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