Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ROW80 Week 6 - midweek update

It's going slow, but it's going well. I'm seeing places where clue exploration and red herrings can expand out. Really good clues are all red herrings, and really good red herrings are clues to the truth. And because of that, they are important to the basic pacing and tension of the story.

Sunday Day 42 - 72 minutes. My brain is slightly worn out. I had to do what I did in ten minute spurts.

Monday Day 43 - 129 minutes. Very slow going, but really good progress. Could have done better, but the union sent out a confusing note which lead me to believe I had to be at an important rally today. (We've been working without a contract for a year.) I had rearranged my writing schedule for it, and then realized that the date was wrong. And then I ended up screwing around too much.

Tuesday day 44 - 0 minutes. My brain just ran off the rails today. I think it started on Wednesday. I rallied yesterday, but today.... pffft. It's sort of like having a silent migraine. I can't even proof read. I look at the words, I know what they mean (I think), and I might even notice what's wrong, but I draw a blank on what to do about it. And okay, I draw a blank sometimes on what those little hen scratches on the screen in front of me are for. (Reading? That's what they're for? How do you go about that activity?)

I've had some very good progress, especially on the thinking level, and I think I just burnt out my brain. It's tired. Implementing subtext and emotional texture and weaving clues is like calculus. I would like to talk about all the cool things I'm learning about those things, but brane no lik wurds naow. Brane can haz sleep.

C U in da funy paperses.


Sharon Howard said...

Hope your brain has had chance to have a good sleep now so you an get back with the flow. I would be interested to see your clues and red herrings - sounds really clever! :)

L.S. Engler said...

Awww, yeah, those pesky brains and their needing of rest! I went through a bout of that recently, too. I think it's still lingering around, just a little, but I feel some good writing days ahead!

This is my first time making the RoW'nds on over to your blog, which is a shame, because anything with lots of red herrings is sure to catch my attention! And it sounds like you still got a lot of great work done, so the best of luck to you on the rest of the week!

Stacy Green said...

It's okay to give your brain a rest. Sounds like you've got an interesting book - I love a lot of red herrings that keep me guessing. Good luck!

Ghenet Myrthil said...

If you need a break, take it! Sometimes thinking and coming up with ideas is exhausting. You're doing well. :)

The Daring Novelist said...

BRain rested. And even though I usually take Wednesday off, I may well get in a session tonight (thought I won't get home until very late, so maybe not).

As for the red herrings: I won't say it's a particularly tricky mystery. But all mysteries have to have layers of clues and misdirection -- some very subtle -- so that different levels of mystery readers can enjoy it.

It is wonderfully fun, though, to find ways to divert the attention of the smarties in the audience. (And still let them feel satisfied that they did figure it out.)

Tracy McCusker said...

I'm glad to hear that your brain got its rest! The feeling you describe of words not making sense... it's the worst.

I hope you get a chance to put in some time today on the novel. I find myself getting more and more caught up in your draft, and I am now positively giddy with anticipation! Vicarious drafting is such a heady feeling. Good luck!

(As a small aside--the more I read your blog posts, the more I itch for my disposable income. Come December, I am going to be buying a trove of books. And "Have Gun, Will Play" will be right on top of my list.)

Juliana said...

Thinking time is a part of the writing job. And break time too. Our brain need to rest ... sometimes we even need time from that awesome idea to get a feel if it's really a good idea or not.
Take it easy! And enjoy the road ;)

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, Juliana!

And Tracy: I'll be putting up Have Gun, Will Play (the ebook version) on sale for 99 cents from Thanksgiving to mid-December. After that I'm going to be experimenting with a higher price.

And if anybody here misses the sale, I will be willing to do Smashwords coupons for the lower price for regular blog readers.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Ohhhh, I know how this feels. I hope you rested and turned the off switch on your brain for a while.

Sending word-love your way!

The Daring Novelist said...

Ended up skipping Wednesday too (which I usually do). Hoping for a big day today.

Wendy Jane said...

Even still, a very good check-in. Progress is progress. And I understand about the brain-fry thing. I tend to do that often. You seem to be doing very well.