Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ROW80 Week 5 - update 1

A Round Of Words in 80 Days

My brain is a bit foggy, but I'm keeping my nose above water....

Sunday Day 35 - 126 minutes. Starting in on the last 11 chapters. I have identified a couple of tough gaps. These, as with the previous section, will probably need multiple runs. The secret here, I think, is not to get too bogged down. Skip forward and work on easier parts when things get too sticky.

I had hoped to do much more, but unfortunately, I had my emotions jerked around by a great movie. Sarah's Key -- a French film about one little story in the holocaust and it's continuing effect all the way to today. Heartbreaking, and hard to get over.

Monday Day 36 - 120 minutes. This, unfortunately was an approximate time. I kept forgetting to turn on the timer, but looking at the clock I know it was at least two hours. Tonight I worked on one of the gaps. It was a tough scene, a critical scene for the emotional arcs. It catches fire in little snippets but fitting them into the right arc is hard. I've probably written four times as many words -- or more -- as I need for it, but some of those words will be usable in a later books.

As with yesterday's "multiple pass' thoughts: I need to remember to not overthink. Just move on once I've stopped making useful progress. I notice I make very good progress for short periods each time -- so I need to keep coming at it and moving on.

Tuesday Day 37 - 111 minutes. So the next set of chapters weren't as done as I thought. I think this is going to be the issue for the rest of the book: facts which have changed as the story developed. Which in turn requires more rewriting. Otherwise... chugging along. I'm behind, but not as behind as I could be.

Nothing else clever to say. My brain is sore, so....

See you in the funny papers.


Matt said...

I get derailed by emotional movies too. It like, sneaks up on me too. "Oh, here's a nice movie..." And then: *Fizzled*

The "not getting bogged down" bit is a great piece of advice. Sometimes you just have to do your best and push through, giving the messier parts a chance to percolate in the ole noodle grinder (or whatever your local idea retailer calls itself).

Stay focused on where you're going (not on where you've been) and keep chuggging!

Natalie Hartford said...

Sounds like you are working on some of the toughest parts of your book but it's fantastic that you are sticking with it and pushing through. In the end, it'll be more than worth it. Great work and keep at it!!! :-)))

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, Matt and Natalie:

It's actually not the hardest part. I just finished the hardest part. This is easy, (except for the scene I worked on Sunday) -- it's just fitting pieces together.

But there is just a lot more to it than I thought.

I used an analogy a couple weeks ago here, which really fits: it's like rolling pie dough. You can't just press it into a perfect flat round on the first go. You have to roll, turn, pat, roll, roll, turn.... And eventually the lumps of goodness fit together beautifully.

Matt said...

Yep, a perfect analogy, says I.

Anonymous said...

Way to keep up your momentum. :) I know it feels slow but you can do it.