Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ROW80 Update and Change In Posting Plans

First, there's a change in posting plans this week. I've been too busy to prep the point of view post I mentioned. It's really a multi-part post anyway, and I'll do those next week.

Instead I will kick off the discussions about Artisan Writers and craft with a post called "Absolutely Right, Except When Wrong." A lot of what I am going to say in the next month or so will seem in opposition to Heinlein, and to what Dean Wesley Smith will tell you -- and since I believe that the very best advice for writers comes from Heinlein's Rules and DWS's blog, I should address that.

Then on Friday I will write about what made this book take so frickin' long to write, and what worked for it and not. This book is, I think, a great example of where the artisan concept diverges from the Heinlein model. But it's also an example of how writing slow can screw you up.

A Round Of Words In Eighty Days Update

I kinda knew I wasn't going to get done tonight. And Wednesday is the day from hell. So unless we end up having a snow day, I'll be finishing this up on Thursday.

Sunday Day 56 - 272 minutes. On a roll.

Monday Day 57 - 226 minutes. Okay, finished through Chapter 24. Really wanted to get further today, but had some issues. And unfortunately, Chapter 25 is one of those chapters which will have to be retrofitted with new information. At this point, though, I don't have to disguise any information (which was an issue earlier) so it should go faster.

Tuesday Day 58 - 126 minutes. Woke up with the realization that I had one revelation too many in Chapter 24. I wrote that a long time ago, and now that I've set it up, I don't need to hit Karla over the head with a clue-hammer. I need to just move up the Big Reveal at the end of the chapter to the middle, and let Karla's intuition do the rest. That's mostly cutting, so not too hard. (But it will change the rhythm of her explanation scene.)

I'm determined to get this thing done before the end of the day Thursday. (It would so help if we had a snow day on Wednesday, but I fear that is not going to happen.)

See you in the funny papers.

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Anonymous said...

I saw you in the funny papers! j/k Good luck on making Thursday. I know you're sooooo ready to be done.

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, Ryan. Though today is a long day at work, it's looking like it might be a _slow_ day, so I'm hoping to get some thinking and prepping in so maybe I can get good work done even tonight.

The thing that is most likely to hold me up is the clue-ing. The story shifted as I wrote, so making sure the clues all fit in tightly (and lead to where it actually ends) is one of those logical tasks that just require some thought.

Tracy McCusker said...

Slow days are such a boon. I hope you get some time to prep today! As you say, getting the logical order (or even just the jig-saw puzzle nature) of clues just right is itself a matter of craft, thinking, and double-checking the trail of crumbs.

I've been having a blast re-reading your posts on editing/indie publishing. I fear that I may spend what should be some productive hours reading your blog--but I've caught the reading bug. And the insights--likely invaluable down the line when it will come time for me to publish.

(As an aside: Discretionary funds came early and I just snagged a copy of Have Gun, Will Play. Thank you so much for the timely sale! I cannot wait to tear through this thing!)

The Daring Novelist said...

Hope you enjoy it. I do have a lot of fun writing those. (And it's somewhat easier because it's only one point of view, one voice.)

Unknown said...

I just caught your blog - followed you through from ROW80. Tons of catchup reading to do via this blog. I'm enjoying the read, thanks.

The Daring Novelist said...


One of these days I'm going to do an ebook collection or something of posts. (Too busy writing other things, though.)

Juliana said...

You can do it! We'll be cheering for you ;)
Good luck!

Marji Laine - Faith Driven Fiction said...

Fitting those clues together are the toughest part of the puzzle. They have to be there and revealed at the perfect time and in such a way that they don't scream. Good luck on that!

Kim Switzer said...

Wishing you smooth writing to meet your Thursday goal. I'm really interested in your Aritisan Writers posts--looking forward to reading!

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, Juliana Marji and Kim: I ended up being too wiped out tonight to do any work, but I hope to do a little setting up for a successful day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I admire the time that you are putting into your work and able to keep track of it.


The Daring Novelist said...


I'm using a stop watch (which is currently on pause for a few minutes).