Friday, October 28, 2011

Why NOBODY in Publishing Gets Amazon's New Publishing Enterprise

I decided to buy some new shoes tonight. I went to Zappos, which is my favorite place to get shoes online, but discovered that, alas, they did not have the shoes I wanted in my size. Before I settled for something else, something I didn't particularly want, I went over to, and checked, and by golly they DID have exactly what I wanted. So I bought them.

And as soon as I'd done that, everybody else in the family remembered something they've been meaning to get and can't find locally... a bra, cat toys, usb adapters, sinus relief products, etc.

Not one book in the bunch. Not even an ebook.

This is why no pundit out there, not one, actually gets what's going on with Amazon's publishing platform. Not one single pundit, blogger or publishing expert.

They think this is about book publishing.

Silly silly silly pundits.

(Hint, you'll never understand on what is going on at Amazon if you don't look beyond books and publishing. Heck, you won't understand it if you don't look beyond retail.)

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