Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly Preview and Update

The first symptom of a migraine, for me, is raging stupidity. Which means it took me all day to realize, "oh, I have a migraine." Like, five minutes ago. (To be fair to me, it's also a day to be sleep-deprived, heat-stressed and allergy-ridden.)

All the same I had a good session in the afternoon, and I'm currently taking a break from my late night session. So far I've got 1063 words, and I should get more done. (Especially if the Tylenol kicks in.)

I was stymied for a while this evening when I realized that a certain exchange between my characters was the ideal lead-in to a certain major scene. But it was also an even more ideal lead-OUT for the scene. I blithered and blathered too long before I realized my brain was not in any state to make such decisions. (Now that I realize that, though, I start to wonder if maybe the lead in and lead out could be like bookends, one version going in, and then the same thing happens differently on the way out -- kind of capping the scene? Or maybe I just need to make up my mind.)

So anyway, the posting schedule for this week:

Every Day: word count updates.
Sunday: Write-a-Thon Update
Tuesday: Creating The Cover: I'll look at more examples of posters and covers to help choose colors and drawing style.
Wednesday: Write-a-Thon Update
Friday: no new interview, but I'll post an index of all the interviews done so far.

Maybe it's just the migraine talking, but I think I have to cut back and really just concentrate on the writing stuff for a while. And that's why I am putting off the secondary character interviews for a week or two. I've got some preliminary answers for more interviews, but I want these posts to be more than form questions. I need to actually read what the authors say, and send some thoughtful follow up questions so we can dig into that particular character or story.

See you in the funny papers.


Anonymous said...

My sympathies. . . the raging stupidity problem can be quite nasty even with milder headaches

The Daring Novelist said...

Yes, and it's an awful irony of a problem: I don't get bad headaches with migraines. I get stupid and blind, and groggy (and generally under the weather).

All it takes is extra strength Tylenol to deal with the worst of the symptoms.

I don't take the Tylenol, though, because I'm too stupid to think of it!

I also find it ironic that I had the most productive day of the dare so far. But half of that was written after the tylenol, and the previous days' preps helped. (I can also be pretty creative when I'm stupid.)