Friday, July 8, 2011

Index to the Secondary Character Interviews So Far

I think I should take Tuesdays and Thursdays completely out of the writing cycle. (Of course, as soon as I do, two things will happen. One, I'll have my best writing day ever on a Tuesday or Thursday, and all the other days of the week will come up with great excuses to be exempted too.)

But I got some things done. I took my brilliant inspiration for the new cover of The Wife of Freedom, and put it into action. I have now uploaded the new covers on Smashwords and Amazon, however I expect it will take a very long time to trickle through to all of the other bookstores.

I'll talk more about this new cover in the Creating the Cover post on Tuesday.

I also did some good brainstorming, but so far have not come up with a good twist for Max Sparks' P.I. story. (Yes, I did name this detective after my cat. Like my cat, he is short in stature, and has the attitude of a feline, and courts the freckled and slightly zoftig goth barrista Maude, but he is human.)

In the meantime, I'll give you an indes to the Friday interviews I've done so far. (Some of them being Wednesday interviews.)

These are short interviews with authors about a secondary character in their books. I think secondary characters give you a real feel for the flavor and meaning of a book, and are a wonderful thing to talk to authors about. While these are mostly mystery/crime writers, there are some other genres sprinkled in. Some of the authors are indies, and some are traditionally published (and some both).

Here is a list of the interviews so far:

I hope you have been enjoying these interviews as much as I have. I have a backlog of authors who are interested in doing this (and a number who have already given me preliminary answer to the first basic questions). However, I really do want to work on better follow up questions -- to get deeper into the nitty gritty of what these characters do for the story, for the other characters, and even the author.

And that takes time and attention, so I'm taking some time off from the interviews for a while. I might start up in August again, but I know it's a slow time for people reading blogs, so the authors might just as soon wait for September.

In the meantime, I'll keep updating the dare regularly. On Saturday I have a think piece on writers and blogging -- why we blog and some strategies toward making a better blog, even when you're not doing it for the sake of success.

See you in the funny papers.

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