Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Update:Too Tired to Think of a Title

Today was a very fruitful day at the day job. I had to get up early to go in and proctor a make up exam for a student, and then troubleshoot another student's laptop. (I think I have resolved her issues, though she had neglected to tell me that the problem was with Painter Elements which is not the same as full-blown Corel Painter - and don't know about it's quirks.)

And while sitting in on the digital illustration lecture today, I suddenly realized what I needed to do with the cover for Wife of Freedom. I may talk about that on "Creating The Cover" next week. The WPA posters were part of the inspiration, too.

But I forgot to bring home the sketch I did.... and maybe that's a good thing.

I've still got way too much on my plate. I'm slowly disentangling only to find layers and layers of things I need to do -- just in life. Oy, I got a back log. Ten years of a hostile work environment will set you back so much further than you think.

Still, in the past few days I've had some of the best writing days I've had in a while, along with some not so good days. The key, I think is to keep plugging.

And you've noticed that I'm pulling away from blogging a bit for the duration -- trying to streamline everything to the benefit of my writing. I was going to talk about that tonight. That is, specifically about some blogging ideas and experiments I have in mind, but I very nearly fell asleep at the keyboard.

I guess I'll talk about it later. In the meantime, I've only done about 300 words today on the W.I.P. (Choice words, great words, but partly in the wrong point of view. Whoops.) But for now I will leave you with a video for your entertainment.

A kitty giving a puppy a massage with silly dubbed voices:

See you in the funny papers.

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