Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The bad shoulder is driving me absolutely batshit crazy. I can THINK, but I can't note down what I come up with very well.

However, over the weekend I did come up with what was missing from the evil Chapter 12. It is a transitional chapter. Sort of a bridge from one section to another. I would love to do a spoiler post on what the problems are with this chapter... and maybe I will. I just won't post it here. I can either give it privately to beta readers, or I can post it on my Spoilers blog after the book is published.

I not only realized the one thing that can make this chapter DO something (other than be a bridge) also moves some smaller aspects of a subplot along. In particular, George's maybe-girlfriend is a woman in transition. Even though we're learning a lot about her, and setting up for things to happen later... this turned out to be the place for a missing piece in her character arc too. Yee ha!

In the meantime: I overdid it with my shoulder today at work, and will probably have to do it a little more harm tomorrow. So I have to cut back on typing in general. AND I want to tweak my blog schedule (and move the updates to Saturdays, rather than Tuesdays) so this week will be a transitional week:

Wednesday: Interview With John Desjarlais for "Character Wednesday."

Thursday and Friday: no posting.

Saturday: the new schedule will begin with an update and preview of the week's posts. I'm shuffling a few things around, but I'll announce it then. Fun stuff coming up!

See you in the funny papers!

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