Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Brief Pause For a Yeeeooowch!

I have repetitive stress injury issues. It's my own fault. I don't think about doing strengthening exercises for various joints until they hurt, and then you have to rest them up and let them heal before you can start the exercises.

Everything I did to avoid a repeat of my hand problems of ten years ago, now appears to be bad for my shoulder. (How does my body come up with this stuff?) At least at work it does. And whatever I do at the end of a semester (still not sure what) kills my left shoulder. I am left handed.

And yesterday seems to have put me over the edge. I really can't reach forward for more than small tasks. My elbow has to stay right next to my waist or behind until this gets better. (I get to stand, elbows thrust back, like a fashion model, though. Lots of hip posturing.)

I can do limited typing if I am in my easy chair with my laptop stand, because that keeps my elbows back closer to my body.


The thing about an RSI, is if you are resting it, you have to stop whatever you are doing INSTANTLY when it starts to get fatigued.

Which is really bad for writing.

I am ambidextrous about some things, but not writing.

Not sure what to do.

Other than read.

Luckily tonight's post about Genre and Soy Sauce was already done and will autopost tonight in about a half hour. The next day's post about N.C. Wyeth is the same.

But after having a nice session of about 1700 words today, I realize I did too much for my arm. I may have to post a different story for Story Sunday, because I want to reserve my keyboard/editing time for the W.I.P. And I don't see myself doing as much as I need to on that.

I am bummed.


a said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury, Camille. Having suffered similarly in several joints over the years (Who'd have guessed gardening's almost as hard on your body as sitting behind a computer? LOL), I agree you're absolutely right to rest the injury as soon as it starts to trouble you. If you can manage it, some physiotherapy might help, too.

The Daring Novelist said...

Can't do that until after it starts yeowching, though.

(And this SHOULD be something I can deal with standard exercises with.)

But I've got stuff to do at work (which is where I aggravate it) on Monday and Tuesday -- though I do have student aides who want hours. Typing and mousing slaves!

Then I've got some travel the first week of June - planes and shoulder injuries don't mix....

(Stop typing, Camille.)

J. R. Tomlin said...

And Apple is now the huge bully of the digital world easily outdoing Microsoft. And what THAT says about indie publishing, I don't want to think.

Interesting post even if you are an Apple fanboi though. ;-)

The Daring Novelist said...

J.R. - I think you meant to put that comment on the previous post. (Unless you're implying that Apple is mystically censoring me by giving me an RSI...)