Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday Update and Preview

I think I still need another day or so for clearing the decks. The semester was busier than I thought, and it also dragged out longer. (Though it ended last week, we had the end of semester party...oh, and the planning for summer... oh, and the Board of Trustees meeting... oh and....)

And I have stacks of life stuff around me, and I would like to get to my "to be read" pile a little bit too. Still, I did manage to submit a story to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine this week.

So tonight and tomorrow are semi-day-off. I will be prepping some blog business, and I think folks will like some of the things I have lined up.

  • Wednesday: J. Carson Black talks about a helpful hitman in her secondary character interview.
  • Thursday: On Hatchlings and Neo-Pros -- When Is A Writer "Good Enough"?
  • Friday: A little discussion of Genre and Soy Sauce (What shelf does your book belong on? And is that answer as simple as you think?)
  • Saturday: A new weekly feature (at least for summer) - Artwork and Illustration. I'll be talking about one of the great illustrators of all time, N.C. Wyeth.
  • Sunday: We'll have another fable for writers -- this time about baking pies. (And Monday's story notes will explain why that is relevant.)

See you in the funny papers!


ModWitch said...

Nice line-up. I like this, it allows me to make a mental note for when to come back.

The Daring Novelist said...

It helps me too.

I'm still writing things off the cuff, but instead of just posting them as I write them, I put them in a folder, and then when I do the Tuesday update, I can pick what's going up for the week.

Those multi-part series may be spread out by a week in future - more like a column. But I'm not sure yet. I just know I want this blog to be better AND more manageable.