Friday, December 24, 2010

Dec Dare Day 20 - 770 Words - Still Coughing

Today's Progress - 770 Words on Harsh Climate
Running Total - 17761 Words.

17761 / 30000 words. 59% done!

Still got the cold, and nobody seems to be out on the internet today, so this update will be short.

Today is what I consider the last real day of 2010. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, begins the Liminal Zone - the eight day period on the threshhold between two years. (Actually it's nine days, because I include both xmas eve and new year's day - but I'm math impaired, and there was supposed to be an eight day new year celebration in ancient times.)

During the Liminal Zone, I usually look back and look ahead, imitating the doorkeeper god, Janus. It's a time to set goals and mark progress. Next year, I think, is going to be a doozy.


Anonymous said...

If you counted from sunrise to sunrise, or sunset to sunset, you could get parts of all nine days into eight.


DavidRM said...

By that definition, I treat all of December as a Liminal Zone... =)

Happy Holidays!


The Daring Novelist said...

Mary, lol!

There's a fun scene in Mr. Deity, in which the Deity is trying to convince Jesse/Jesus to play the part of the savior. Jesse is balking at the "dead for three days" part. Mr. Deity can't go back on the prophesy, but "I'll tell you what," he says. "We'll take you down late on a Friday, bring you back first thing Sunday morning. 30 hours tops!"

David: yeah, but our semester doesn't end until mid to late December. The space between Xmas and New Years is the only truly guaranteed time off.