Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome New Readers - a few favorite posts

I seem to have a lot of new traffic coming in today. (I put up some ads and have some guest posts and such out there.)

Since I am currently pressing hard to finish this novel (which I want to finish by October 20), all of my posts will be progress updates. I thought I should give you something to read in the meantime. The following are some posts that are either my favorites or were popular with readers.

My journey into Indie Publishing:
In March, I decided to experiment in self-publishing for Kindle, just a little experiment for fun. By June the situation in publishing had changed enough that I decided to forego the idea of traditional publishing altogether. Here are some posts that show my changing attitudes:

Madness and Self-Publication
Why Not Traditional Publishing
Is Traditional Publishing Worth It?
Why Did I Self-Publish? (A later analysis)

On Writing Technique:
I also like to write rambling series on technique, like this one where I experimented with analyzing an out-of-context clip on YouTube. (I promised to finish it with some additional analysis when I saw the whole video and read the book. I have seen the video and read the book.. but I didn't get around to it. I will after I finish writing this book, I promise.)

Analyzing Writing Techniques - Lollipops and Context
A close up on Character Technique
Context and Speculation
With Courage You Don't Need A Reputation

A few early posts of interest:
Novel Writing, The Fun Bits: Thoughts on exploratory writing.
Dancing Your Own Steps - In Competition
Explosions and "The Casablanca Test"
Writing separate drafts for different characters (i.e. "character passes")

I'll be back tonight with an update!


Tom Kepler said...

At first glance, I thought it was "The Darling Novelist," rather than "Daring"!

I thought you might like to know about another Western writer that I've met online:

Good luck with your writing.

Tom Kepler

The Daring Novelist said...

Tom, thanks for dropping by!

(And you don't know how many times I've almost typed "the darling novelist.")