Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oct Dare Day 6 - It's Coming Together

The threads are pulling together. I got a lot done.

I was surprised, though, to realize that I needed an additional scene with Rosie and a witness in the hospital. I think I had been avoiding that. Witnesses can be so inconvenient, but this witness has good reason to not remember some details I don't want him to (such as who shot him in the back). AND he is also the exact person who can fill in certain bits of information, and send Rosie to talk to the exact right person to tell him the information he needs to know. (Duh!)

Plus the suspense is ramping up at this point, making it fun to write.

I'm still not far with Chapter 12, and all I can think is that I need to pull the end together and then work on that middle bit.

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