Saturday, October 2, 2010

October - Avoiding the Final Run

I did do work today. Lots of work. Only a little of it directly on the book.

I also did a lot of idea brainstorming. I came up with about 25 ideas for articles and blog posts. And a few ideas for flash fiction stories - one of which I really like although it will need a little more brainstorming. (It's a twist story but at that length, it will have to be very clever.)

And I also decided to sign up for an advertising service called Project Wonderful. I think it was originally designed for web comics to advertise on each others sites, but it's expanding. I don't know yet if it would be more successful than Google's Adwords for writers and books publishers, but it offers more control and a really nice interface and way of doing business for anyone who can create their own banner ads. (Google Adwords is awful for advertising books, btw.)

I'll talk more about advertising later, but for now I had an unexpected benefit: Since Project Wonderful works with display ads, I had to create artwork to fit the space. I just adapted the cover, but I had to come up with good text to fit into the design... and I think I came up with a better tag line for the book.

I put it in my sig at Kindleboards, and I immediately got personal messages complimenting me on the banner, so even if all I got was a more effective ad for elsewhere, I think this experiment is going to be worth it.

In the meantime, yes I did work on the book. I'm still messing with that final chapter, but I think I'll move back to the earlier ones again tomorrow. I've only got 19 days left until my deadline.

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