Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 3 - 1502 Words, Our Heroes Find a Body

Made the mistake of heading for East Lansing without checking the football schedule today. Turned out my timing was okay. I thought I must have arrived just as the game began, but it turns out I was there FOUR hours before the game. In spite of the wind and dreary rain, the town was clogged with tailgaters, partying in the miserable weather. (This is permanent twilight season in Michigan, the state with the fewest sunny days in the lower 48.)

But I got some good writing done as I sat at Taco Bell, sipping refills of Pepsi and waiting for the traffic to clear out.

Running Total 3261 Words

1502 words today. Karla tells George he should NOT admit that he doesn't have a fingerprint scanner in his cell phone, or people will mistake him for not being a spy. George apologizes for disappointing her, and asks her to not tell the police that he has collected the dead guy's fingerprint.

Tomorrow I should not stay up as late, so I wanted to get as far ahead as I could. (I must also remember to get rice and gas tomorrow. Nothing to do with the book, I actually need rice and gas....)

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