Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 2 - One and a half pictures and 439 words

I wasn't happy with my illustrations today, but I spent too much time on them to not count them. I felt guilty at not achieving what I wanted artistically, though, so I went back at the novel again. Fleshed out what I wrote yesterday, and extended it a little. Not yet to the next scene.

Running total: 1759 words.

As for the pictures, I think I had forgotten the style I was going for. So they were more exploratory sketches. I'm preparing a site for the children's fiction I've published over the years, but I'm also going to do some illustration for mystery stories. For both I am drawn to the style of pulp magazines. Bright, often using line drawings and flat colors.

The Curious Cat is finished, but I suspect my little orange guy (which is a picture of my real little orange guy, who is the star of Catnip Time) is going to be a part of something bigger.

The Cabin is more of a concept sketch, but I'm not happy with it yet.

Now, the Cop and the Detective illustration is something I like - but I did it before the dare began. It's a good example of what I'm going for overall.

So, anyway, on the novel I fleshed out what I wrote yesterday, and extended it a little. But I'm not yet to the next scene.

The music today was the theme from The Third Man, because that's the tune running in Karla's head. She wonders if perhaps this means that there was a third man involved and the body is not who they think it is. (But she's thinking of the wrong body.)

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