Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day 85 - More Cooking....

Man, I'm exhausted.

Bread making, cookie making, shopping, doctor's appointments, yogurt making, and other similar kerfuffle.  I just finished making some creton* for the elderly cat who needs to put on weight but will only eat certain things (most of which she is allergic to).

Making creton is laborious (even when you're short-cutting it for catfood) so I decided to screw it, and leave the making of dough for tomorrow's bread until tomorrow.  I stay up late anyway.

I am now going to give the boy cat some quality time with me, while I give myself some quality time with Detective Nathan Shapiro.

See you in the funny papers.


*Creton is a French Canadian pork paste.  However, when I make it for the cat, I leave out the onions and spices. (I suspect it might be onions that hurt her health in the first place, sigh.  She's loves 'em and is prone to steal a bite of things that have onions in it.)

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