Sunday, March 28, 2010

eBook Experiment - Feeling Charged Up

I did many things today. I finished editing and converting the files - though I have one or two tweaks in the front matter I want to do. I also created a pdf for the Copyright office, though so far I have only registered myself as an author and not registered the book yet.

I also reviewed the beginning of The Man Who Did Too Much, and was very pleased. (And I saw how to fix those couple of remaining rough spots.) Further, I had a couple of ideas for one of those sequences I have to revamp. It's going to be fun getting back to that story.


I've had a few ideas in further experiments in ebook publishing, if this first one goes decently. I have picked out another book that may or may not be ready sooner than the sequel to Whore of Freedom. (This one is Fantasy, borderline YA, and is 130,000 words. Does it need editing? Or is it really more than one book?)

Anyway, the main task I have ahead of me, other than uploading the files, is upating my website. And I've even got a start on that. I may be far enough ahead of schedule to go live on publication Tuesday. (The question is then how long the approval process takes.)

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