Saturday, March 27, 2010

eBook Experiment - Here's the Pitch (Feedback Welcome)

Okay here it is, the cover image, and the second version of the catalog copy. I believe Smashwords has a limit of 600 characters for their catalog copy, so this is at the absolute limit. (I do have some words I can cut, but if I need to put more info in, I'll likely have to take other info out.)

The cover image is the size it would be on the Amazon website. (Although it will be clickable to see a larger version.)

* * *

New Acteron is on the verge of rebellion, and so is Mary Alwyn, the upstanding wife of a local revolutionary. She was born wild, and when she meets a charming nobleman, she doesn't hesitate to fall in bed with him.

But when she betrays her lover's trust for the revolution, her husband holds her up as a hero, calling her the Whore of Freedom. If Mary's ever going to live down the first part of that name, she's going to have to live up to the second. She sets out to be a spy, as brazen and bold as the reputation that precedes her. But she'll never be free until she returns to face her past.

* * *

So.... the goal is to intrigue people, but also to help them see if it's something they wouldn't like as well as something they would. This falls between genres and so I would expect people to be a little uncertain (but I'm pricing it at $1.99 to make it easier to take a gamble).

Any feedback is welcome, either in the comments, or you can email my "secretary" Maude at maudecat at (Oh and if you'd like to see the first fifty pages or so and let me know if it matches up to what you expected, Maudie would be happy to send that along too as a PDF.)

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