Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Ready Day 1

The goal for the next five days, if you remember, is to work on my author website, and print out and organize all materials related to the current project, and create an outline, so I can drive through a retyping from scratch in the next dare (which will start Saturday).

Today, I worked on the banner image for my website. I've got a working image and a layout and the CSS mostly done.

I also printed out all of the existing written pages on the novel, including discarded scenes and old versions. There are maybe a few more bits and pieces yet to be rounded up, but I think I can "inventory" the material and get a good idea of where the gaps are and such.

Tomorrow, another trying day at the day job (the computers have decided to really be squirrelly this week), but I should be able to push through another step when I get home.

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