Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 6 - 1546 Words and a Flamingo Clip

Today went quite well. I did some scribbling by hand on some changed scenes coming up, and then I settled down and got to the Flamingo Scene, which I think went pretty well. The cat told me I have to stop now - and when the cat says to stop, I must or things will be broken - but here is a sample of today's pages.

(George is trying to convince Karla that he is not an enemy, even though he has just burst into her house to search it. She grabbed the first thing that was at hand to defend herself, and he is somewhat distracted by her choice of weapon - a pink flamingo garden ornament with a yo-yo tied to its beak.)

"Are you threatening me with a flamingo?" he said at last, as if he were not quite sure.

"Yes," she said firmly.

"A plastic flamingo."

"And a yo-yo."

His eyebrows went up, but he didn't smile, but he also didn't look patronizing. Just puzzled.

"I understand the yo-yo. It makes a decent weapon, I suppose. But why is it attached to the bird's beak?"

He might have been just trying to engage her in conversation, but the question did seem earnest. She kept looking him straight in the eye, chin tucked in so he wouldn't see she was shaking.

"Because it's funny," she said in her best, flat, dry Clint Eastwood impression. You know what funny is, doncha punk? she thought, but she said, "Do you watch cartoons?"

"No...." he said slowly, looking even more thoughtful than before.

"If you haven't seen Fantasia II, you wouldn't get the joke," she said, and then she couldn't help but add, under her breath, "Philistine!"

Running Total: 6481 Words.

6481 / 60000 words. 11% done!

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