Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 8 - 682 Words - The Beginning Begins

While I didn't actually make the goal I wanted, something good for the opening chapter broke loose.

(I found myself in the children's shoes section of Meijers, scribbling madly. I wasn't actually there to buy children's shoes. It was just the most convenient spot to pull over my cart as I went from the Pharmacy at one corner to the distant dairy section at the opposite. Except I was in the wrong store, and so I ended up in the veggies aisle rather than dairy - and I forgot the cream and bought a lovely red sweet pepper instead. My senior cat was much disappointed. Shredded cheese, however, turned out to be acceptable consolation.)

Running Total: 5001 Words.

In today's scene, George gets the phone call from his mentor, who is trying to lure him back to work by asking him to just help out for a little bit in finding a missing kid.

I cannot shake the idea that the mentor's name insists on being Edna Kravitz - which is so utterly wrong (hint - think Bewitched) or perhaps is ridiculously right. She is not a fussy, nosy neighbor. She's... like... she's "M" or something. And then I think "gee, what if Samantha's nosy neighbor had been played by Judi Dench?" Perhaps a characterization is born....

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