Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 5 - A Little Picture of Suspense

Loooooooonnnnnggg day at work but I did get a picture done for one of my short suspense stories. I have work to do on it, especially with the water and the color choice. I want it to be more lurid - a yellow sky perhaps. (I also am going to revamp the website where the story will be published - it will appear as a larger cover image, rather than just a small opening illustration as it is here.)

I can't really finish it until I have an idea of the final colors and layout of the website, but you can at least read the story on the rudimentary webpage.

The story is called Alibi. It was published a few years ago in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine. It concerns a man who has set up a perfect alibi so he can murder his wife. Could there possibly be a downside to that.

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