Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oops - A Break for Detcon

I'll be going to Detcon, which is a NASFIC convention, which is what gets held in North America when World Con is held out of the region.  It's in Detroit which is not that far, and it is held at the lovely Renaissance Center.

It kinda crept up on me, as did a number of other things, so I realize this week is unlikely to see much (or any) progress on anything.  I may or may not post con reports during the convention, but if not, I'll likely post thigns afterward.

I think that what I might try to do is print out what I have of In Flight (which has lots of duplications and such) and mark it up in idle moments.  And also keep my deck of handy index cards to see if I can game out more of the nefarious plot behind The Man Who Ran Away.

That book, by the way, had a major break through after I posted the bit about casting the parts.  I realized that the Mary Wickes character might own the property next to the Country Club, the one where Karla used to ride her pony over to weekly Saddle Club shows.  Given that she is elderly and a former athlete, she probably sponsored that club, and would probably remember Karla....  I was thinking that property may be the MacGuffin, but now it's more.

Anyway, I may not be posting again until next Tuesday night.

(But if any of YOU are going to Detcon, drop me a comment or something.)

See you in the funny papers.

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