Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 86 - Finishing up the cooking

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The weather is still cool, so I spent another day cooking.  More bread, as well as ragout for the freezer, which required some shopping.  Also "El Azteco Dip" -- a green onion, cheese and sour cream  concoction similar to a local restaurant's dip.  That wasn't to keep, because the ingredients don't freeze.  It was simply requested that while I was cooking that I make some.

You want a recipe, here it is: approximately equal amounts of sour cream, cottage cheese, your favorite shredded Mexican cheese and chopped green onions.  A little milk to make it easier to mix.  Some chopped jalapeno to taste (I like to use the pickled ones people use as a side or for nachos) or some of your favorite hot sauce.

It's good to make this in a very small batch at first (like, with heaping tablespoons instead of cups) because hitting the "to taste" factor among the dairy products is tricky.

Tomorrow is predicted to be another mild day. I doubt I will be doing so much cooking though.  I might make another batch of bread only because we seem to be eating up the first batch really fast.  However, my legs and feet are tired, and there is a possible day next week to do some additional baking.

I have decided, as you may have guessed, to put off any serious writing efforts until I start with the ROW80 on Sunday.

See you in the funny papers.

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