Sunday, July 7, 2013

ROW80 Check In 2 - Definitions of Complete

This segment of the ROW80 challenge:

Wednesday, Day 3 - 1113 Words.  Started well, but later in the day started coming down with either a sinus infection, or just a reaction to all the gunpowder in the air.  (Turned out to be a silent migraine, actually.)

Thursday, Day 4 - Holiday - what time I didn't spend with friends and family, I spent sleeping and not breathing.  So it was the day off. (Also, started playing Risk on my iPad.  Mistake.)

Friday, Day 5 - 2297 words.  Enough with the set up, cut to the chases and kisses and stuff.

Saturday, Day 6 -1682 words.  Major final chase scene.

Will this story be complete in the requisite 10 days?  For certain loose definitions of the word "complete"... uh, yeah. (Complete with redundant, incompatible scenes and jumps and stuff. Also, the characters will have changing names.)

But I've decided to go with loose definitions of complete, and to keep bulling through as many stories as possible.  Keep building momentum and better habits.

So as of the next check in on Wednesday, we'll see how close to done I am. Then I have to move on to another story.

I might do another in the same series.  It's only a novelette, so there's lots of material yet to explore.  Particularly since I have discovered that he villain is not only courting the heroine, but actually in love with her.  (The poor guy deserves a lot more torturous development, and maybe even a redemption and a girl of his own.)  And the hero hasn't even quite given her a kiss yet.

I have pretty much decided that I will be publishing this under a pen name, but I am undecided as to whether to keep this pen name a secret.

See you in the funny papers.


hellotammy said...

Oh, please do share your pen name with us, so we can support your efforts.
I promise not to point and laugh, honest.
No, really!

From your report, it looks like you're going well with this. That's fantastic! Congratulations!

The Daring Novelist said...

I am 99 percent certain that this will be an "open" pen name, because people who like my other work are likely to like this. (But since this should obey more "Romance"rules, some people who like this, will not like my other work so much.)

However, once I let people know it's me, I can't take it back, hence, not making up my mind until I have to.