Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ROW80 Update 9 - New Goals for August

Well, the learning experience of Summer has shifted me into a different gear.  I am more focused, and more importantly, I'm focused on different things.  As a result, I'm making more changes.

I'm Going Dark For August

I might crop up and post something spontaneously, but I'm going to try to resist.  I also want to try to unplug a little more from the social places I hang out.  I have managed to mostly pull back on the comment community at Passive Voice.  But I'm now spending that time on Kboards and ROW80.

The place I will remain social and available is Twitter, because that seems to stay under control.

While I'm more or less off-line, I will be doing several things:

Getting Ready to Publish Some Things

I'm piling up mostly-finished drafts, and the only thing that will get me over the hump on some of them is to say, "Okay, I'm going to publish that next week."  So, just to give me time for random emergencies, etc., I plan to publish something on August 28, and then start publishing on the 15th and 28th throughout the rest of the year.

However, some of these publications will be under pen names.  Also, if I wanna cheat, I might publish a paper copy of something already published in ebook form.

I plan to start with A Fistful of Divas, which I plan to rework and expand from what I did here as a serial.

Whipping Some Business Matters Into Shape

I need to upgrade my existing books.  I want to have them adhere to a more professional template -- a logline in the front matter, mention of the mailing list in the back. Not so much on the samples.  Also, where possible, upload a better done ePub version to Smashwords for the distribution network.

I need to update my website, which currently says "This page is not up to date, check out my blog."  Instead I want to have all my books, and maybe some breakdown of my genres and series.  Also, a link to the mailing list.

I'll do some similar stuff for the blog. (As well as maybe start drafting some regular blog posts, for posting in the fall.)

I also still have some loose business matters to take care of vis a vis my savings and stocks and things.  Also, I have acquired some nice little display cases for my toys.  I need to dust the toys and display them properly.

Getting The Next Set of Projects in Line

I have been struggling with the MacGuffin for The Man Who Stepped Up, but I think I have finally got a handle on it. I also have one or two Mick and Casey trunk stories and some script outlines I think would make good novellas. I want to be able to keep the momentum up -- so I want to end August with a pile of projects ready to go, as well as a bunch of new drafts.

So while I might breeze through at some point, you probably won't see me until September 1. (Which begins the grandest month of year!)

See you in the funny papers.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck, and we'll see you next month.