Thursday, May 2, 2013

Introduction - The Case of the Misplaced Baroness

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The Case of the Misplaced Baroness
Series: The Perils of Plink

Published Twice a Week: Mondays and Thursdays, beginning May 6, 2013.  (To end... when it's done.  Sometime in September or October, most likely.)

You could say this story is a prequel to last summer's serial The Case of the Misplaced Hero.  Or you could call it a  "paraquel": It starts before that story began, and may well end after -- lightly crossing paths in the middle.  You shouldn't have to read Misplaced Hero before reading this, though it might help you a bit with the world of the story. (Also, this story will contain spoilers for that one.)

Genre: old-time adventure, alternative universe -- based on the unrealistic reality of silent movie serials and pulp fiction of the same period.  (The previous story had a fantasy element, but this one does not, other than the "alternative universe" thing.)

Premise: After escaping a near encounter with death, Plink (also known as Lady Pauline Anne Marie Tritt-Woolsey Beethingham Smythe, Baroness of Beethingham) goes on the run, dodging police, spies, friends and family alike -- because any of them might be her would-be killer.

Episode 1 - The First Peril of Plink
Episode 2 - Meanwhile at Beethingham Hall...
Episode 3 - Barefoot in the Big City
Episode 4 - Breakfast With the Rozzers
Episode 5 - MacGreevey's Theory
Episode 6 - Making Use of a Reputation 

(NOTE: this page will change and update, with a table of contents and links to pages about the series and world.)

For now, for more information, you can see the rather rambling introduction to The Case of the Misplaced Hero.

See you in the funny papers.

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