Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week in Review/Preview

You know how Joe Konrath keeps saying that a writing career is not a sprint, it's a marathon? Well, you know, life is a marathon.  And I hit the wall about five minutes ago.

I've had extra hours thrown at me at work, and just thing after thing going on in my life.  Today was at least fun -- a friend had to drive to the next state to pick up a cat.  She was mourning the loss of a long time pal, and very much needed this little lady in her life.  (Isn't she gorgeous?)

ROW80 Update:

Right now, the main thing I'm working on is prepping books for upload. I updated and upgraded The Wife of Freedom, and the new file is live on Amazon and Smashwords -- but it hasn't trickled through to the other sites yet.  (If you look at a sample -- newest version has a table of contents, the older versions don't.)

And I'm about halfway through the main editing pass on The Misplaced Hero.  (It's the easier half, though. I have some sections I need to work on.  And I need to do formatting and a cover.)

Wednesday: 120 minutes
Thursday: 210 minutes
Friday: 90 minutes
Saturday: 104 minutes

Check out Round of Words in 80 Days for others who updated today.

Free Book!

The Curse of Scattershale Gulch, the a Mick and Casey mystery western ghost story novelette, is free for October for Halloween -- but only where I can actually set the price to free! (Which means everywhere but Amazon, which may or may not make it free sometime later.)  Smashwords does have every format available, so Kindle users can get it there.

Check it out at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Sony, iTunes, Kobo, and other vendors. And now free at Amazon!  (I don't know about Amazon's international stores: UK, DE, FR, IT, ES.)

The Week in Review - posts

Coming up on the Blog This Week

This week, as I scramble to get books formatted for upload, I will skip the Tuesday post.

Monday: About The Adventures of Mary Alwyn
The upcoming serial is the second in the series of adventures of Mary Alwyn.

Wednesday: Impact Characters - my favorite kind!
Impact characters are not antagonists, but they can make your protagonist's life very difficult. (Or wonderful.)  A little about this very important kind of character.

Thursday: Intro Post to Test of Freedom
The new serial will start on the 15th - here is the intro post to get things started.

Friday Favorites: Never Cross a Vampire by Stuart Kaminsky
A Halloween-themed soft-boiled mystery to kick off my October favorites.

See you in the funny papers.


Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

I hope you have peeled yourself off the wall, Camille. Life does have a way of getting in the way, doesn't it?

I do think the kitty will be good for your friend--she is pretty.

I'm intrigued by your serial novels--I will definitely check those out!

I hope life gives a break this week!

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Working on getting things back to normal this week. We'll see how THAT goes....

(And the kitty is settling in quite well.)