Monday, October 29, 2012

Next Episode Postponed

My computer power supply and battery decided to go gazookie tonight, just as I was belatedly getting down to fix up the episode for posting.

The first and most urgent task of tonight is to back stuff up, before the computer decides to go down for good.

But hey, I thought. I can write by hand.  I only had to revamp the first paragraph, right? Heck, I'll put the relevant draft up on Blogger, so I can get at it from other machines, while I back up this one.  This'll be great.  I'll use my iPad.


I swear my blood pressure only went up a tiny amount, but that was sufficient to bring about the feline apocalypse.  The orange cat decided that it was time to get SO incredibly needy and anxious that for a whole hour and a half he absolutely HAD to break or chew or roll on anything I looked at. He had to be under my hands, under my feet, up my nose.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Look at me! Give me your full attention NOW NOW NOW! Oh, wait... gotta puke first."

And the iPad?  Worse than Max.  iOS and Blogger are not happily compatible.  I'm not going to say any more because Max is finally settled down and I don't want another spike in stress from me to send him in to fits again.  (Too late, there he goes again.  Must hold computer tightly to keep it from flying off the counter....)

Also, I think I had a silent migraine before this started.

And I think I made a bad mistake in the stuff I intended to skip over to get to this episode, but my brain is unable to process it.

So I'm going to bed, as soon as the most critical back up is finished, and the computer is put away, safe from cat-maggedon.

So you'll have to wait until Thursday (make that next Monday) to catch up with the next episode, which may be different than I thought it would be -- but maybe it only needs to be a longer than usual episode.

None of this is going as well as I'd hoped.  Too much distraction.

See you in the funny papers.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Hope today is better. Yes, back things up!! I just did that yesterday.

Cats have an amazing sense of timing....

The Daring Novelist said...

Well, the local Apple dealer hooked it up to Apple diagnostics, which updated the firmware and it works fine again. There may be a serious problem with the sensor, but that can be dealt with later if it acts up again.