Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wed Update - ROW80 Goals

As I mentioned in the Popcorn Tigers post, this fall I'm radically changing my writing focus for the rest of this year.

I'm going to be Deadline Driven.

That means that nothing counts until it's published.

And to that end, I am merging my blog and my fiction writing.  You're not just going to hear about my writing, you're going to see it right here -- with the twice-a-week serial and the once-a-month comic strip.  Kind of a "what you see is what you get" thing.

Or perhaps I should say that deadline/submission/publication is where the rubber hits the road with writing.  That's the defining moment of a story, when it's in somebody else's hands.

My blog is now my writing life, my career, my work in progress -- and my dare goal.

Goals for the Rest of ROW80

The Blog Story for the remainder of this round will still be The Case of the Misplaced Hero.  It should be finished right around the end of the round on September 20.

I will meet six deadlines per week -- however, since I won't go back to my full blog publishing schedule until September, August is going to be a bit of a cheat:


For August, I'll be blogging four days a week, so I'm counting illustrations as a separate item:

  • 2 illos
  • 2 episodes
  • 2 update posts

I also hope to have the whole story done on Misplaced Hero, and maybe even get the ebook finished.  I'll post more about this project as it goes along.


I'll move to six posts per week, and I'll count each post as one item, illustrations and all.

  • Monday: Blogstory Episode, with illo
  • Tuesday: Rotating posts (see below)
  • Wednesday: Thinky-Writery Post and small update
  • Thursday: Blogstory Episode, with illo
  • Friday: Friday Favorites, talk about books and movies
  • Sunday: Progress Update and Preview of Coming Attractions

Tuesdays will have four rotating posts each month:

1st - Miss Leech and The Yard comic strip
2nd - Story Notes, or microfiction or jokes
3rd - Typography Talk (or other Art subjects)
4th - An old public domain story posted over on Daring Adventure Stories
(5th - on those months with a fifth Tuesday, it'll be potluck -- maybe microfiction or jokes.)

Other projects in September: If I don't have The Misplaced Hero ready for ebook publication before now, that will be a priority in September.  I also have to update and reformat Wife of Freedom -- the prequel to Test of Freedom, my next blogstory.

Wife of Freedom was the first book I e-published, and could use some format improvements, as well as a note at the end to direct people to the blog for the sequel.

See you in the funny papers.

Progress report for "A Round of Words in 80 Days 

I took a break for this half-week  I did do some work each day,  however.

Sunday Day 35 - Illustration for Monday's Episode
Monday Day 36 - Worked on the end sequence.
Tuesday Day 37 - Worked more on the end sequence.


Lee McAulay said...

Awesome! That sounds like a lot of work, though...

Julie Glover said...

You are focused on your goal like a sniper aiming at a target. Nice! Looking good this round. Cheering you on for it all to come together.

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, Lee -- the thing to remember is that I have been posting daily on this blog for nearly three years -- just cutting back in summer sometimes times. This past winter I went to six days a week, and that worked well for me...

And all that was ON TOP of my fiction writing. So what I'm doing here is actually less work, because I'm folding the fiction in together with the blog.

However, it's still going to be work, because I'm doing more art, AND this fall is going to be a bear at the day job.

Julie: thanks, I'm working on it!