Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sun Update - and Coming Attractions

Midpoint in ROW80 Round 3

I meant to do different things than I did this week.  I meant, for instance, to draft more episodes of The Serial.  I did do a lot of think-work on it. And I wrote a limerick for Episode 33, in which Thorny is sober enough to realize how surreal his experience is becoming, and how that should inspire his literary side... but not sober enough to be all that literary.  I also figured out how to shuffle the correct swords into the correct hands for the finale.

And I wrote the super-rough drafts of a bunch of blog posts for fall.  I have two series coming up, one on genre and different ways of looking at it, and one on Impact Characters -- those major characters who are not the villain and not the protagonist, so what are they?  But those series are for fall, an I don't know yet how many posts will be in each series. It might be as little as two each, or they might spread out over four or more.

A Round of Words in 80 Days Update

This Segment's Progress:

Wednesday Day 38 - Illo for Thursday's Episode
Thursday Day 39 - Posted Episode 28 "The Girl With The Sword"
Friday Day 40 - Drafted the "credit cookie" ending for the story.
Saturday Day 41 - Drafted future blog posts, and wrote this update.

This Week's Upcoming Posts

Monday - Episode 29 "Thorny Revealed"
Rozinshura has to get Thorny out, identified and moved before Pookiterin gets back.

(And an unscheduled post on Tuesday: Story Notes for Ep 29 - Villains, Cartoons and Favorite Bits)

Wednesday - Blog Story Logistics; Some Things I'll Do Differently.
A look back at how I did this serial, and a few things I'll change. (Mostly about optimizing the layout.)

Thursday - Episode 30 "Lina's Story"
Lina tells her story of finding the dying spy.

See you in the funny papers.


Lauralynn Elliott said...

Great progress! I hope you meet all your goals for this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot. I post 3 times a week and find it stressful. I think it is awesome you can post so much! Way to go and best wishes for the future with all on your plate.

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks Lauralynn and Gloria!