Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sun Update - And Coming Attractions

This week was marked by a moderate but time-consuming family crisis. (All I can say is that if you can possibly schedule your emergencies, 2am on a Wednesday night is a really good time to hit the ER.)

But things turned out well, and we ended up having a nice trip to Zingerman's this Saturday.  We came up with a smart way to eat there.  It's SO hard to make up your mind about which sandwich to get.  Often we'll get two sandwiches each -- one to take home, one to eat there.  Well, that's a bit much. But when we compared our lists of possible sandwiches to order, we realized that we could order three sandwiches and ask them to cut them into quarters -- then we could each have a nice portion of three different choices... but only eat 3/4 of a sandwich there, and take the same amount home!

In the meantime, Zingerman's usual stellar service (combined with a recent interaction I had on the internet) has inspired another good blog post for this fall about knowing, and excelling at, your business.

I also played around with a text layout for the Miss Leech comic strip.  AND, I'm catching up. This is partly due to a series of easier episodes which aren't that much different from the book to the online versions.  (It did help to split that episode about questioning Pookiterin into two.

A Round of Words in 80 Days Meets The Clarion Write-a-Thon

This Segment's Progress:

Wednesday Day 24 - Ep 26 (final), Ep 27 (book version)
Thursday Day 25 - Had a family emergency. Did some outlining.
Friday Day 26 - Ep 27 (final), Ep 28 (book)
Saturday Day 27 - Ep 29 (book), Ep 28 (final)

This Week's Upcoming Posts

Monday - Episode 25 "The Chase"
Alex runs interference, but The Girl doesn't do what he expects.

Wednesday - A teaser for Miss Leech and The Yard
I'll talk about this comic strip series, and also post some "blue pencil test sketches" to see how the layout looks. (I'm not changing the blog template to suit the strip, so the strip has to adjust to suit the blog.)

Thursday - Episode 26 "Pookiterin In The Corner"
Rozinshura restrains himself from throttling Pookiterin, and learns a few things.

Sunday - The End of the Write-a-thon!
Only a week to go. I'm still two episodes behind on my goals, and the story is probably going to be a couple of episodes longer than I thought.   I am moving to the end of Act 2 now which will probably be Episode 31.  Then the final action sequences.... which I had some good ideas for.  Not sure how many episodes it will take, though.

See you in the funny papers.


Anonymous said...

A moderate family crisis at the ER? That doesn't sound good. I hope everyone is okay.

The Daring Novelist said...

Tests all clear, probably just a medication adjustment issue.

J.R. Pearse Nelson said...

Good luck getting back on track this week, or regrouping as needed.

Lauralynn Elliott said...

I'm glad things turned out okay with the ER visit. Those can be scary sometimes. I hope that's the end of that!

I wish you lots of luck for this week.

cas webb said...

Hope everything is all good with the whole ER emergency. Good luck with the comming week :)

The Daring Novelist said...

Thanks, all! Like I said, we got an "all clear."

I have a friend who has multiple conditions that sometimes lead to the ER at odd times, so it's kind of a familiar routine for me.