Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick Reader Poll

On the Web Fiction Guide forum, someone suggested that ask my readers about various things I'm thinking about doing.

I realized that I don't know enough about you guys to interpret the answers to any poll I make... so I decided to start with a very simple poll to study some of my assumptions and also to set up a baseline:

How many of you are new readers, and are you here for the blog story or for the writing posts or both?

"The story" here refers to the ongoing serial The Case of the Misplaced Hero, which I've been posting Mondays and Thursdays for a couple of months.  "Writing posts" can be interpreted loosely as any of my regular (non-fiction) blog content.  An "old" reader is someone who started reading before May, when I started the serial.


I realize that the results of this post will be skewed -- I'm not posting a lot of other content over summer, and the serial is too new to have built up a real following.  If nothing else, though, it will be a snapshot of what is happening now.

See you in the funny papers.


Andy said...

I selected "New reader, came to the blog for the story, not following writing posts." I don't see it showing my vote in the survey results. Maybe there is a delay, but I figured I would bring it to your attention just in case.

The Daring Novelist said...

There is a vote in that category now. Thanks for responding! (And thanks for reading!)