Friday, April 13, 2012

The Existentialist Cat

I was just not up to doing a Friday Favorites post this week. But a friend just sent me a wonderful French video of a cat who suffers from ennui, as only cats and Frenchmen can....

And just to give you the other side of the equation, here is Popcorn Kittens again. (I suspect these kittens are American.)

See you in the funny papers.


M. Dunham said...

I haven't seen either video before. I just couldn't stop laughing. THANK YOU for sharing!

The Daring Novelist said...

Henri came to me via a friend who has Maine Coons.

Popcorn Kittens is practically a meme among Indie Authors -- after Kris Rusch posted about how all the new options in publishing has made her mind like, well, popcorn kittens!

Rémi Billoir said...

It's hard being a cat. ;)

I doubt this video is french, though. The french text is almost nonsensical, it's word-for-word translation, out of context. For instance, translating "attenti ai gatto" to "pay attention to the cat" may be right (I dont' speak italian at all) but "attention au chat" means "watch out for the cat", not "pay attention". Also, "à la mendicité pour les cheeseburgers" ? Just nonsensical. And a catdoor is a "chattière", not a "porte du chat".

Also, the voice has a thick accent and sometimes gets it wrong (you don't pronounce the "c" in "blanc" for instance).

Nope, definitely not french.

Sorry, I kind of had to pounce on this. I'm cat-like this way.

The Daring Novelist said...


Remi, the cat's an actor. (He's a Maine Coon, for goodness sakes.) He's just reading lines. I'm sure he doesn't speak French at all.

Rémi Billoir said...

Yeah well when an opera singer sings (mews) an Offenbach part, whether she's British (shorthair), Norvegian or Japanese (bobtail), she gets the accent and inflexions right at least.

This Maine Coon has the looks down pat, decent acting I guess, but it should definitely stick to non-speaking roles. This was unprofessional.