Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ROW 80 update, April 18

A Round of Words in 80 Days Update:

For those only following intermittently, my goals are temporarily changed, probably for the remainder of the semester. I'm working on a collected book of my blog posts. I'm actually taking it deeper than that. I'm also working on posts for the Daring Adventure Stories blog, and doing more in my journal again. Part of the goal is to purge all of the nonfiction thinking from my brain -- just get myself sick of it -- and then warm up to writing again. The journal kind of works both sides. It's a place to blather about whatever is obsessing me, but its also a place where I blather out ideas.

The result is that these update posts are kind of minimalist. I will occasionally burst out with a regular post (as I did Monday), but the blog here is on low key for a bit.

Sunday Day 14 - 60 minutes. Copying and organizing the files for reading. Notes on new things to write for the blog book.

Monday Day 15 - 120 minutes. Worked on the introduction for the blog book -- posted a draft of part of it for Monday's post. The idea is to set the context for the collection.

Tuesday Day 16 - 120 minutes. Today was a mixed bag. I write a new post that may be a part of the blog book, AND I wrote up quite a lot on some fiction brainstorming. I think I am finally to the point where I can just start reading through the selected posts and writing up intro and afterthoughts for each one.

Note: I've thought more formally on my new goals, and here they are.)

See you in the funny papers


Anonymous said...

So how are you feeling about your new goal to convert your blog posts into a book?

The Daring Novelist said...

I'm at that dangerous point where, well, here's a story....

Back when we had a farm, we had barn cats. And one winter, we were short on cat food and hadn't dug out the new bag yet, when one young feline named Gub-Gub trotted out into the fresh snow to seek her own dinner. You could see that's what she intended, because she was so serious and businesslike.

But as she trotted along, she kicked up little rolls of snow, which darted away from her. Instinct said POUNCE, so she did. And that kicked up more little rolls of snow. And she pounced on them, which sent out more little snowballs....

She ended up pouncing on snow all over the yard like a kitten (she was still only half-grown, really). Good thing we had the new bag of catfood out by then.