Monday, January 23, 2012

A Guest Post, Price Experiment and Happy New Year!

It's Chinese New Year -- the Year of the Water Dragon. I would like to wish you all 恭禧發財!

Gong Xi Fa Cai
(GONG shi FA sigh)

That means "Good luck and get rich!" And in that spirit, I'm going to start talking about money tomorrow. A conversation on The Passive Voice blog has caused me to revamp the post -- I was going to start in more slowly about attitude and lifestyle, but given that people are arguing apples and snowmobiles over there, I think I should start off with the difference between assets and wages. (Hint, wages are an expense, even when they are paid to you.)

Check out the discussion on The Passive Voice post titled "How Much Is Your Fiction Worth?" And then check out tomorrow's post.

Guest Post On Character Development at Pat Stoltey's Blog

I have a guest post up at Pat Stoltey's blog on how I came up with George and Karla. It's shorter than I usually write, but I hope it's still interesting.

High Price Experiment Ends Early

The high price experiment has been a failure at Amazon and Smashwords, and a semi-success at Barnes & Noble. Furthermore, Sony and Kobo went and discounted books they weren't supposed to, which other vendors partly matched, so it really wasn't much of a test anyway.

I decided to heck with it. I don't like those prices, and I want to start the new year with my prices where I think they should be. My approximate favored pricing scheme is this:

  • 99 cents for shorts and novelettes
  • 2.99 for novellas
  • 3.95 for short novels (under 60k)
  • 4.95 for full novels
  • 5.95 for door stoppers (100k and over)

It will take a while for the prices to trickle through all vendors, but Amazon jumped on it immediately.

See you in the funny papers.

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