Friday, January 13, 2012

Great Post About Writing as Investment from DWS

Next week, when I talk about making the transition to full-time writing, I was going to talk about money and personal finance at the end of the week. I was going to explain the differences between wages and investment and passive income and how to plan some security into something insecure.

Dean Wesley Smith must have been thinking along the same lines. He posted about Investing In Your Own Future and compared your writing output to a 401k investment plan. He does a wonderful break down of the numbers in a way that reminds me of the Miracle of Compounding. Only in this case, instead of the interest compounding, it's your body of work.

You can never understand the economics of publishing if you can't wrap your head around the concepts he's talking about.

This is a must read.

See you in the funny papers.

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