Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wiped out - but a favorite old post

Today wiped me out and I have to get up early tomorrow to assist with a morning class AND stay late. I know I promised my Miracle of 100 post, but that may have to wait until Thursday.

In the meantime, I notice a lot of writers talking about "promotion fatigue" lately. They've been running around flogging their books. Designing covers, websites, ads. Paying for ads. Chatting on forums and commenting on blogs and writing their blogs. And worrying at every step about making a good impression.

Here's an old post reminding folks about how marketing is a waste of energy until you have a large body of work:

Marketing and the Physics of Water

Stop promoting so hard and live your life. Write. Do social networking only as it works for you as a person. And don't spend ALL your social time with other writers.

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