Friday, March 4, 2011

Smashwords Sale - and Ellery Queen is Out on DVD!

Two announcements for the day:

One is that Smashwords having a site-wide sale for "Read an eBook Week" on books by every author who has signed up. The sale will start Sunday, March 6, and go through the 12th. My books will either be half-price or free. You can buy them by simply going to the site and putting the book in your cart, and the automated coupon should kick in. (You should not have to enter a code or anything.)

This is a great way to try out ebooks. You can read them online, or on your favorite ereader in one of the many formats. And the great thing about Smashwords is that you have access to ALL formats all the time. If you change readers a year from now, you can download a different copy.

You can find my books listed on my Smashwords Profile.

The other announcement has me hopping up and down with excitement.... They have FINALLY released the old Ellery Queen TV Show on DVD! The ones with Jim Hutton and David Wayne. Do you remember those? (Are you to young? Am I dating myself?)

This series was developed and largely written by Levinson and Link, the guys who created Columbo, and Mannix and Murder, She Wrote. EQ was an old fashioned whodunnit series, and very stylishly done, but the puzzles were tough, and the show only lasted for one season. (And was partly responsible for Levinson and Link making the Murder, She Wrote puzzles much simpler.)

I always thought it was cool that Jim Hutton's son was the one to bring an equally stylish version of Nero Wolfe to TV later on. (And I notice that Amazon indicates that many people are buying both series together.)

I have mine ordered and I even paid extra for it to arrive tomorrow!


Lanette Curington said...

Fantastic on the Ellery Queen DVDs. I loved that show! (Guess I'm dating myself, too. LOL) They're playing it on Friday nights on the Retro channel in my area. But since I don't watch much TV, I usually forget to catch it. I'll have to get the DVDs.

The Daring Novelist said...

I have always believed that show had a great influence on my becoming a writer -- or at least a mystery writer.

But I must be getting old and senile, because I am SURE that that show turned me on to Ellery Queen. But I remember reading Queen in a house we had moved out of by the time the show premiered.

So it must be that it was Columbo that got me started after all....