Friday, February 11, 2011

Time Flies Like an Arrow (Fruit Flies Like a Banana)

This week went FAST. Where did that time go? There were so many events. Lots of excitement at the day job, and I published a screenplay. Plus it turned out that I was battling a sinus infection. After a few days of antibiotics I feel much better, but I still have to catch up on some sleep....

And then there were the events in Egypt which were quite distracting, and also made me glad I no longer have cable and don't watch TV. However, I was getting a lot of news by following pundits and news people on Twitter. I also happen to follow Steve Martin, though, and now whenever anybody talks about the serious and historic events unfolding right now, I get Steve's "King Tut" song stuck in my head. ("He gave his life for tourism...")

Dean Wesley Smith posted about "Time" today, and he commented that he never takes a vacation. Never has. I believe it. I remember at Clarion he was a very driven kind of guy. However I need a bit of a vacation, so I will be posting tomorrow about reading. Possibly next week as well.

I will say this tonight -- the down side of indie publishing is getting excited about indie publishing. Dean mentioned how he thinks the bane of indies is marketing, particularly in the way many dive full force into it and neglect to write as much as they could because of it. I've got to say that I agree. My goal this year is to write a lot and forget about the marketing end... but I still do one thing: I hang out online with other indie writers. This is a dangerous thing. As with marketing, you feel like you're doing something "useful" even when you're not.

I think I will make better use of my time if I were to read whenever I get the urge to visit one of the forums. I write more when I read. I feel less stimulated and distracted. A little stimulation goes a long long way, after all.

So right now, I'm reading Dorothy Sayer's "Whose Body?" which I am enjoying very much, and which has some interesting stylistic things I want to talk about.

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