Monday, January 17, 2011

A Quick Update

No, I haven't got anything pithy and exciting to say today.

I read through most of the snippets and notes on Old Paint. I have a much stronger sense of the things I'd forgotten, and also opportunities to play with new twists. I had also forgotten about a number of fun ideas I'd already had -- I'm very much looking forward to this.

I also had some good ideas with the previous work-in-progress, The Man Who Did Too Much, and it's sequels. Oh, and then there were the ideas I had for The Serial. I wish I could write fast enough to note all this stuff down as I think of it. Of course, many thoughts come while I'm driving or falling asleep, which makes it harder.

(I also wish I could shake this cough. I think my allergies have settled in after the cold and I sensitive to EVERYTHING now.)

In any case, I will start in on the actual writing tomorrow. It shouldn't be too hard to catch up on word-counts at first, because I've got some good material already sketched out.

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