Monday, January 10, 2011

Pedaling As Fast As I Can

I know I promised to start a series on productivity today -- and I've actually got a rough draft of the post scribbled on paper somewhere -- but the Corgis of Time are nipping at my heels. I start back at work tomorrow, I'm trying to get Harsh Climate cleaned up, and I don't want to delay my start on Old Paint: Dead or Alive.

So, first lesson in productivity is prioritization. The blog is here to help the writing, so the blog takes the hit when I'm behind.

So where am I on Harsh Climate? I have one small scene to rewrite (it's in the wrong point of view) and otherwise I am two thirds of the way through a final proof and polish. These are things I can do in shorter sessions (which is good to do with proofing anyway), so I am going to start in on the next dare tomorrow anyway.

This dare is going to run from January 10 to March 13 -- but I will take a break in the middle of it somewhere. I figure on about 60 writing days in that time. I'm hoping Old Paint will hit 65k words by the end of it.

I'd like to publish this book by the end of May, but if I find that I have to set it aside to edit it properly, I have a project or two I could substitute for publication in May. (I'm tired, so here I am already assuming that I won't meet this year's goals....)


Lindsay Buroker said...

Definitely sympathize! I feel so scattered since I pubbed my first ebook last month! Trying to learn everything about marketing books, trying to be everywhere mentioning books, trying to maintain a new blog... oh, and writing a new novel, mayhaps?

BTW, I appreciated your comments on books vs. commodities on Joe's blog. Very true!

The Daring Novelist said...

Take a deep breath. Relax. And remember that no matter what, the writing comes first.

All that other stuff gets easier and easier as you get more books out there. (Read the post on Marketing and the Physics of Water )