Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept Dare Day 23 - Update - Chapter 12

The marathon is catching up with me, so I'll have to finish yesterday's think post tomorrow. I'm just updating - I worked on Chapter 12 today.

I also went to see Casablanca in a real theater today. This is actually the second time I've seen it in a theater. The first time was probably fifteen years ago. It was also probably on film. This time it was digital - though I really couldn't tell, and the restoration was a lot better than last time.

Casablanca plays a big part in Chapter 12, which is why I delayed working on that chapter until now. I know the movie so well, I have a hard time ever watching it fresh, so I didn't want to review it before it came to town. (I can - and usually do - miss whole scenes while watching stuff that goes on in the background, and never notice.)

I think it's interesting that four of the pictures shown in this fall's classics series are related to the book. And further more, the picture playing one the first anniversary of my blog - the one that I will see the day after I have set as a deadline to finish this book is.... The Man Who Knew Too Much! (1956 version)

Yes, that's right, the movie the book is named for is playing the day after I plan to be done with writing it. How's that for Kismet! (Which, as Karla would say, is another movie entirely.)

I wonder if I should do a viewing list for each book in this series. Maybe with commentary from Karla....

Oh, and here's a video of the scene that is referenced in my book. (It's not a spoiler for my book, but it might be a mild spoiler for the Hitchcock movie - although it's a famous scene.)

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