Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 Thoughts

We live near a firehouse. As I hear the firetrucks rumble by this morning, shaking the house as they downshift for the light at the corner, I have a little flashback to the days after 9-11 of those trucks festooned with flags. I think about how at that time we felt no hate. Just pride and sorrow.

Seth Godin wrote a post last year about Righteous Indignation. He pointed out that it really doesn't work and posed the question: What if you took it out of your toolbox of responses?

It's a short and wonderful essay, and I think on the anniversary of 9-11, it's something we should all contemplate. You could say righteous indignation caused 9-11, and that no amount of additional righteous indignation could have stopped it.

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