Saturday, August 14, 2010

Suitably Operatic Ideas

The next Mick and Casey mystery will be titled A Fistful of Divas. The first idea I had was for a long short story, but I realized that bit would make a good opening for something bigger. I've been struggling with that bigger story. I want it to be suitable for Mick and Casey - and I realize this week that the very best thing I could do would be to look to opera for inspiration.

Uncivilized Mick and Casey, with Operatic themes. It almost makes me think of... of... of....

The only beings who could demolish opera ever better than the Marx Brothers:

Although I wasn't planning on having a whole grand opera staged in the story. I was thinking more of having a pair of opera singers having to slum it a bit, more like this clip from earlier in the same show with Beverly Sills.

And then, of course (purely in the name of literary research) I found this one of Beaker, The Swedish Chef and Animal singing La Habanera. Oy!

Okay, I don't get that silly in Mick and Casey, but they do get pretty silly. We'll see what this inspiration does for me.

(In the meantime, Waiter, There's a Clue In My Soup! has reached the top ten list for mystery anthologies on Amazon. It was sitting at #7 for most of the day, but it has begun to slip.)


Scathach Publishing said...

The muppets are great, aren't they?

I just wanted to drop by to say that if you're still interested in taking part in my blog carnival you'll need to write your post Thursday.

And an opera mystery? That sounds intriguing. I'm not a fan of Opera, but for some strange reason I like books about Opera. Cool. :)

The Daring Novelist said...

The post is written, and is in the queue, scheduled to appear Thursday as you instructed.

As for the mystery - the series is a light and silly mystery/western series. This story features a pair of opera divas, but it's not exactly an opera mystery - it's just a thematic element.