Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Never Underestimate The Perversity of a Cat

So Mr. Orange Cat has insisted at getting me up every single morning for the past few months at exactly 6:22. Since I tend to go to bed around 3am, this is not welcome and gets him shut out. (The only reason I don't shut him out in the first place is that I sleep in a different place during the heat of the summer, and it involves building a barricade, which I'd rather not do. And besides the girl cats want to sleep with me sometimes, and they don't get me up. Except when they want to be petted, which can be done while still a sleep.)

But this morning I had to get to work for an early morning training, and I set my alarm for 7am, and assumed he would probably get me up earlier but this time I'd just let him.

Silly me.

He got me up at 5am.

He has never done that before. I wasn't even aware that you could reset the clock on a cat.

So, anyway, after that inauspicious start, I did get my training at work, and then fell sound asleep after I ran errands and got home. I plan to work on the short story collection and correct the errors in my online publications list, and that's pretty much it.

The Culprit, prepared to go shopping, it looks like.


Hart Johnson said...

Oh, I like him anyway. My cat comes in at 5:45 every morning and pokes me with a single claw. If I want to sleep, I pick up the covers and she crawls in and cuddles. It works out okay, as the alarm is 5:50 but that claw in the back never makes me happy.

The Daring Novelist said...

Yeah, it's one thing when they get you up a LITTLE before you have to get up anyway. This guy not only gets me up hours before I need to get up, he also does things like knock over lamps and such until I actually get out of bed.

What does he want?

A snuggle.

But he can't just come up and pat me on the face so I'll lift up the blankets and let him in. No, he has to get me completely out of bed first.

And so he gets kicked out instead.

He was very good last night, though, because he knew I was upset about some things at work.