Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 25 - 1167 Words and Skipping Ahead

I am now at the point where a lot of my already written material is a little bit off and has to be rewritten anyway. So on busy days, I'm going to go ahead and skip to other scenes if that's what it takes to keep my word count up.

I still want to keep it mostly in order, though, because I need to keep track of revelations and the various things that my characters have figured out. This is the draft where that stuff has to be kept straight.

In the meantime, I think the reason I was so wiped out last night was because I had a bug. I was sick to my stomach all night, and I ended up calling in sick and sleeping most of the day. I didn't have any crackers to settle the stomach, but I had plain kidney beans and some lightly seasoned Spanish rice, which was all low key enough to be nicely digestible.

Now if the snow will just give us a day off tomorrow when I'm not sick....

Running Total: 25591 Words.

25591 / 70000 words. 37% done!

In Today's Pages: Karla meets Dahlia, and dreams about the sewers of Vienna. John Houk stalls for time.

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